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These pages started out as a showcase webpage for products made by Stig Runar Vangen. The total number of products gradually increased as time passed. In addition to these product presentations, a blog was continuously written presenting my progress with things. Unfortunately all of this material was available in Norwegian only, something which greatly reduced the target audience. Still these webpages was visited mostly by non-Norwegians. To accomodate to this situation, it was decided to move these Norwegian only pages to a sub-folder and create a main webpage with the most interesting information presented in English.

Most of the software on these pages were made by one man only, and were made only for the fun of it. These simple projects made a foundation for larger projects which will be available from these pages in the near future.

Even though these pages are available in Norwegian only, I believe that navigation is still possible for those who do not speech Norwegian, as these pages contains picures of each product.
Tuesday March 29. 2005