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Diagram alignment and distribution

In our hunt for the easiest to use diagram creator, we've added functionality for aligning and distributing the content of the drawing. This functionality will make it easier to position and organize figures.

Start by drawing a frame around all the figures you want to re-position. A right click will bring up the context menu, and from here you have the option to either align your figures or to distribute them along an axis.

From the alignment menu you have several options for how you want to align your figures. When you select top alignment, all your figures will be moved so that all their top edges will follow the same line. The same goes for the other options.

From the distribution you can place your figures on set intervals based on the rules you select. Figures can be distributed either from the center of each figure or using the same space between each of them.
Tuesday May 29. 2012

Diagram Swing interface

We are planning to create an application library using our internal diagram solution for easy integration into other systems. This library will support drawing diagrams in several programming languages. One of these languages is Java, and I've made a small example of drawing in Java using the Swing framework for the user interface.
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Wednesday May 23. 2012