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Not really Gauntlet

In collaboration with my thesis buddy, we have created a game in the overhead genre, Gauntlet. This is just a working title, and the game isn't really similar to the Gauntlet arcade game made by Atari in 1985.
Monday July 25. 2005

GameLib templates

In order for the users to easily get a grip on how to use GameLib, I have added five templates, one for each of the genres the library currently supports. These genres are (from left to right): platform, shoot'em'up, racer, overhead and strategy.
Sunday July 24. 2005

New cars for Slickers

I have finally taken the time to add new cars to the Slickers game. This game did earlier have one ugly car for all drivers. There is now four different cars, so that it is easier to see which one your are currently driving. They do also look slightly better than the original model.
Sunday July 17. 2005


What are games without highscores? Games featuring highscores promotes competetive gaming. Our library does now contain functionality needed for easily implementing highscores into a game. The left screenshot has a decrementive list, where the highest score is the best result. In the screenshot to the right, the ordering are incremental, so that a low score is the best result.
Sunday July 10. 2005

Fire! bossfights

A boss has now been added to the end of the first level of Fire!. Just as in the Flash version, this larger plane contains several detachable parts. By shooting at the wing, the wing falls off, and the cannon on that wing does also disappear.
Friday July 1. 2005