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Master's Thesis finally handed in

I've finally handed in my Master's Thesis. Six hard months of work has been put into this thesis, and it was well worth it. The amount of gained knowledge over the last few months are in a class of its own. All the way from completely scratch to a complete library for developing mobile phone games is an incredible feat in its own.
Wednesday August 31. 2005

More information on external projects

I have added more information on external projects I have worked on, and a new project has been added to this page, Steinkjer municipal information client. This is a long lost application that was never available to the public. As the place that I worked at was closed, it was never finished.
Tuesday August 16. 2005

Page update

I have updated these pages with more English information. Some of the project pages that were presented in Norwegian only is now also available in English. Hope some of these pages fall in interest.
Sunday August 7. 2005