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Human Factor - Code session

I am going to Verdal to work with Torbjørn for two days on the Human Factor project. Hopefully this session will result in some progress.
Thursday October 20. 2005

Human Factor - Improved role selector

The role selector has been simplified so that it will be easier to select which role each participant should have. Instead of selecting a role from a drop-down box, the role is now selected by clicking on the correct box in a grid. The role selector used earlier had a tendency to appear beneath the simulator graphics, which made it hard to see what choices were available.
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Tuesday October 18. 2005

Human Factor - Improved client interface

I have now used the client interface providede by Torbjørn for the client. The interface looks a lot more interesting now.
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Saturday October 15. 2005

Human Factor - Meeting

Now that I am back in Norway, we can finally meet face-to-face on our meetings. I went to Verdal to meet the rest of the participants in this project. The trip took about five hours each way, which means that I used most of the day on travelling.
Tuesday October 11. 2005

Human Factor - Nicer compass

The compass has now got a nice red shade to it. I had to manually change the material file, as Java3D has pretty restrictive requirements for how this file should be set up.
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Sunday October 9. 2005