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Using system clipboard from GWT

As part of the Motigon project I've been working of integration the application with the system clipboard. I've written an article on how I did this here:
Tuesday October 30. 2012

Motify examples

As we approach the release of the Motify library we want to show you some of what we have been working on. These examples give a small look into how the final product will be like. These examples are not yet in its final form, and might therefore contain bugs and lack some features. When we release the final version of the library, these examples will be fully polished and contain all the functionality they should have.

Complete example
This example show what a developer can do using the GWT version of the library. This example uses the default GWT interface. While this interface might be good enough for most uses, the interface is completely customizable from code.

Example browser
The example browser contains several demos that shows how to use various elements of the library. All these examples contain full source code so that it's easy to find an example for most scenarios. The browser will be extended as more features are added to the library.

Complete documentation for the Java / GWT library. Here you will find how the library is organized as well as how each method is intended to be called. Details on how parts of the library works with each other can be found in the example browser.

Complete documentation for the JavaScript library. This documentation tries to follow the format of the documentation generated by the JsDoc project. Because this documentation is generated from Java sources that has been exposed as JavaScript, parts of this documentation will not appear quite like its pure JavaScript counterpart.
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Wednesday October 3. 2012