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Motify is dead, long live Motigon

In the final stages of the development of our diagramming solution we have decided to change the name of the product. This decision was made because of a name conflict with an another commercial product, which our lawyers tells us is a bad thing. The new name of the product will be "Motigon", as you can see from the new blog title. The logo will still remain the same.

If you have been visiting our web pages lately, you might have seen that we've added a lot of new content. In addition to the general presentation we had earlier, we've also added a lot of documentation aimed at developers. We have also updated the previously mentioned API documentation for both the Java and JavaScript interfaces. Please have a look at our new pages at:

When the final details are ironed out, we are finally ready for a release of this product. If everything works out as planned, we are only a few days away from a public release of the library.
Wednesday November 21. 2012