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Pages updated

These pages has received a facelift. The design of these pages has remained the same since late 2009, and I din't like how the look anymore. I therefore decided to take some time and update the design of these pages. I've also taken the time to update the design using modern techniques. The page design is for example completely responsive, which means that the same page will be able to serve content to all devices from the high-end desktop user to a mobile phone. This was realized using the Amazium framework.

During this process I've also updated the pages to use the latest version of the CakePHP framework. This framework has changed a lot since I've used it last, and I therefore had to change a lot of the backend code.

Take a look at the screenshots below to see how the page design has changed since the last design. The last image shows how the new pages look on a mobile device.
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Monday January 7. 2013

Motigon has been released

The Motigon library has finally been released. We are pleased to finally be able to show the result of our hard work with all of you. In the last few weeks we've been busy writing documentation as well as updating the web pages with as much information we can provide.

The examples browser is available at, with lots of examples on how to use the library. This browser will be extended with new examples as we add new features to the library, as well as based on feedback from our users.

All documentation is available at Here you will find both the JavaDoc for the full Java/GWT library as well as JsDoc for the JavaScript implementation. There is also a simple manual that walks you through the most used functionality of the default application setup.

If there is something missing in either the library or in the documentation, please don't hesitate to drop us a mail message at or thought the forum. We will be more than happy to help you with the problems you are facing using our library, if any.
Friday December 14. 2012

Motify is dead, long live Motigon

In the final stages of the development of our diagramming solution we have decided to change the name of the product. This decision was made because of a name conflict with an another commercial product, which our lawyers tells us is a bad thing. The new name of the product will be "Motigon", as you can see from the new blog title. The logo will still remain the same.

If you have been visiting our web pages lately, you might have seen that we've added a lot of new content. In addition to the general presentation we had earlier, we've also added a lot of documentation aimed at developers. We have also updated the previously mentioned API documentation for both the Java and JavaScript interfaces. Please have a look at our new pages at:

When the final details are ironed out, we are finally ready for a release of this product. If everything works out as planned, we are only a few days away from a public release of the library.
Wednesday November 21. 2012

Using system clipboard from GWT

As part of the Motigon project I've been working of integration the application with the system clipboard. I've written an article on how I did this here:
Tuesday October 30. 2012

Motify examples

As we approach the release of the Motify library we want to show you some of what we have been working on. These examples give a small look into how the final product will be like. These examples are not yet in its final form, and might therefore contain bugs and lack some features. When we release the final version of the library, these examples will be fully polished and contain all the functionality they should have.

Complete example
This example show what a developer can do using the GWT version of the library. This example uses the default GWT interface. While this interface might be good enough for most uses, the interface is completely customizable from code.

Example browser
The example browser contains several demos that shows how to use various elements of the library. All these examples contain full source code so that it's easy to find an example for most scenarios. The browser will be extended as more features are added to the library.

Complete documentation for the Java / GWT library. Here you will find how the library is organized as well as how each method is intended to be called. Details on how parts of the library works with each other can be found in the example browser.

Complete documentation for the JavaScript library. This documentation tries to follow the format of the documentation generated by the JsDoc project. Because this documentation is generated from Java sources that has been exposed as JavaScript, parts of this documentation will not appear quite like its pure JavaScript counterpart.
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Wednesday October 3. 2012

The Motify price model

The Motify library price model is now ready. We will provide several editions of the library hopefully tailored to your needs so that you don't have to pay for more than you need. In addition we provide discounts if you have a larger team. We hope that this model suits most of our users. More information and pricing on each edition can be found here:

We expect to be able to release our product within the window of Q4, sometime during this fall. Progress towards this goal looks promising, and we feel confident that we will be able to release within this window.
Monday August 20. 2012

Original image size

When working with images it might be that you resize the image so that it looks very strange. This might be caused by the image getting an aspect ratio that is not reminiscent of the original image. There has been no method of correcting this earlier. A new selection has been added to the context menu. This menu item will only appear if you have selected an image or a selection of images. Pressing this selection resets the figure containing the image to match the original size of the image.
Friday July 6. 2012

Motify logo

The Diagram library has been named "Motify".

When we were looking for a logo for Motify, we used the service LogoMyWay. This is a service where logos are designed through a design competition. The customer who wants a logo give a bid on how much they want to pay for a logo. The service has lots of registered designers that in turn sends in proposed logos to the client. The client in turn judges and ranks the entries. The designer that designs the top ranked entry will then get the initial bid.

The result of this competition can be seen here:

We gave a bid of $300, in the lower part of their price scale, and ended up with 189 entries. An overwhelming amount of proposals in every form and color, which resulted in us spending a lot of time judging these entries against each other. In the end we selected the logo presented under.
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Tuesday June 12. 2012

Diagram text selection

Adding text to figures has become a lot easier. We've added support for selecting text within the text area. This allows for removing larger blocks of text quickly. In addition to copying figures we now also has support for copying the text within the figures. This gives us the possibility to copy text from one text area to an another. To top it all off, we also added support for the cut operation so that we have the triage of modification operations complete.
Monday June 11. 2012

Diagram endpoint styles

To further expand on our customization options we have added additional settings for line endpoints. To begin with, we only supported line styles from a set list of styles. In additional we now support changing the type of endpoint individually.

The list of possible endpoints will be expanded as we add more diagram styles. UML and ERM will be added shortly, with more line styles and figure types following.
Friday June 1. 2012