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Process module

I've worked a lot on an editor for the process module of Wisweb lately. As a foundation for this module I've used a library called Open-jACOB Draw2D. This editor does not support the features we want out-of-the-box, which resulted in a lot of extra objects being added to this editor. I have to say that the end result looks great, as seen in the screenshot below.

One thing that is really impressive with this library, is its rate of updates. If you look at the project homepage, you'll see that the library has been updated nearly daily. Several of the features we implemented when we started on this project has already been implemented into the library by the original author. Some of these features we would like to add to our version as well, but we'll have to wait and see if more are added before we update the library. With the rate this guy updates this library, we'll be doing updates of this library until the end of days.
Thursday August 9. 2007

Human Factor - Finalized

My last trip to Verdal. At least when it comes to the Human Factor project. We had a final demonstration of the applications and, we agreed that the test version we have now created was good enough. Hopefully we will have the possibility to continue on this project later on.
Friday November 18. 2005

I got a job

Finally. I will now be working at Waade Information System. Here I will in the start be working on their web publishing solution, WisWeb.
Tuesday November 15. 2005

Human Factor - Final adjustments

I am now doing the final adjustemt to the server and the client. This friday I will travel to Verdal and present the lastest version of the software. Tomorrow I will be starting on a new job, so I will have to finish this project off pretty soon.
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Monday November 14. 2005

Human Factor - Code session

I am going to Verdal to work with Torbjørn for two days on the Human Factor project. Hopefully this session will result in some progress.
Thursday October 20. 2005

Human Factor - Improved role selector

The role selector has been simplified so that it will be easier to select which role each participant should have. Instead of selecting a role from a drop-down box, the role is now selected by clicking on the correct box in a grid. The role selector used earlier had a tendency to appear beneath the simulator graphics, which made it hard to see what choices were available.
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Tuesday October 18. 2005

Human Factor - Improved client interface

I have now used the client interface providede by Torbjørn for the client. The interface looks a lot more interesting now.
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Saturday October 15. 2005

Human Factor - Meeting

Now that I am back in Norway, we can finally meet face-to-face on our meetings. I went to Verdal to meet the rest of the participants in this project. The trip took about five hours each way, which means that I used most of the day on travelling.
Tuesday October 11. 2005

Human Factor - Nicer compass

The compass has now got a nice red shade to it. I had to manually change the material file, as Java3D has pretty restrictive requirements for how this file should be set up.
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Sunday October 9. 2005

Going home

Tomorrow morning I am going home to Norway. I've finally finished my masters degree, so I will not be staying in Denmark any more.
Friday September 23. 2005