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Human Factor - Moving river

I've changed the setup of the scene so that the land and the water gets separated. By doing so, I am able to manually transform the texture on the water, so that it is possible to make it look as if the water runs down the water.
Thursday September 22. 2005

Master of software development

I've finally got my grade. Today we defended our thesis, which we passed, and this means that I have finished my masters degree.

I also updated the Human Factor server so that it now shows a primitive compass. This compass helps you navigate when operating the server. It is now easier to see in what direction an object is moving.
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Tuesday September 20. 2005

Human Factor - Log and log playback

In order to be able to analyze how a simulation unfolded, I have added support for logging and the playback of this log. During the simulation, all movement are recorded in a log file, which can later be played back. During this playback, the user is free to move the camera as he desires, as all objects moves freely independent of the camera.
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Sunday September 18. 2005

Human Factor - Video and menu

I've now added support for viewing movies using the Java Media Framework API (JMF). Torbjørn rendered a simple introduction movie shown in the internal movie player in the first screenshow.

The second screenshot shows the scenario selection menu. This menu does currently have only one scenario.
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Thursday September 15. 2005

Human Factor - Container on the bridge

Torbjørn and I have now agreed on how the win/lose conditions should be arranged. The simulation should fail if the timer reaches zero, and be successfull when the bomb has been put into the container seen on the bridge.
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Wednesday September 14. 2005

Human Factor - New controllers / attached camera

I have now changed the controllers on the client so that the scrollbar will not be available as a input device. This change was done to better simulate the real life, as you would not be able to move the crane faster than the engine would allow you to.

I've also added support for attaching the camera to an object. This can be seen in the second screenshot, where I've attached the camera just above the crane looking down. You can also see that Torbjørn has had time to add textures to the models. The world has never looked this good before.
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Tuesday September 13. 2005

Human Factor - Physics experiments

After spending a great deal of time on configuring the Ode engine, I've managed to correctly place objects into the world that it represents. The problem is, however, that the objects do not interact as I intended them to do. From the screenshot you can see that the bomb which was placed on the back of the truck is now heading in full speed away from it. When you look at the ground, you will also see that there are som problems with the 3DS conversion I am doing. It looks as if the ground is broken somehow.
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Monday September 12. 2005

Human Factor - OdeJava

I've been trying to implement the OdeJava into the application. The problem is that there is no direct connection between Java3D and OdeJava. I've written a model converter using code from the Spacebomber as a base.

When I completed this task, I realized that this converter would not work when I used the OBJ file reader provided with Java3D. When I converted these objects into 3DS files and used the Starfire 3DS loader, I was successfull in converting them into Ode objects.
Sunday September 11. 2005

Human Factor - Attached crane

I've now included functionality for attaching an object to an another object. This was made in order to allow the crane to lift the bomb in the simulator. After implementing this functionality I realized that the current simulation does not look very realistic.

After looking at several possible solutions for implementing physics simulation in Java3D, I've come across a library called OdeJava. This is a Java "port" of the Open Dynamics Engine, an open source alternative to commercial physics engines like Havok. I will try to include this engine into the application and see how well it behaves.

In the screenshot below you can see that I've placed the car with its front down into the water with the nuclear warhead on its back. The second screenshow shows that the warhead has been picked up by the crane. But what am I supposed to to with it? I'll just leave it up there for now.
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Saturday September 10. 2005

Human Factor - Java3D FSAA

Although Java is the best solution to networked applications (period), the 3D part is quite problematic. In an attempt to increase visual quality I activated full screen antialiasing (FSAA). This reduced the framerate considerately - close to 2-3 frames per second. This made med think that the library either does all calculations in software, or that the FSAA process is done in software. The few images I saw were a lot better looking than those earlier, but what about the speed?
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Thursday September 8. 2005