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Human Factor - Remote controller

I have now implemented a client/server interface which allows a user to remotely control parts of the visualization. This functionality uses a simple protocol based on Java streams. As I have tried to make it so that as little data as possible are transferred on each update, the delay between an action on one computer and the update on the other one are almost non-exsistant. The controlled object is the crane now placed a little to the right of the truck.
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Wednesday September 7. 2005

Human Factor - Skybox

I successfully added a skybox to the 3D world. What is a skybox, you ask? A skybox is a giant box covering all the other objects in the game world. Inside of this box are some textures which will give the user the illusion of an endless game world. I found some simple textures made for skyboxes which fit perfectly into the scenario of this simulation. This really made an impact on the visual quality of the application.

As you can see from this screenshot, some new models were also added. If you see near the top of this image, you can see the horizon, which is a part of the skybox image.
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Tuesday September 6. 2005

Human Factor - First 3D models

We are finally getting somewhere on this project. I have included some 3D models into the application. These models were made by Torbjørn at WOW Medialab, one of the other participants in this project. We had some initial problems in importing the models into Java3D. Out of the package this library doesn't support too many formats, and we ended up using OBJ files, a primitive file format for 3D objects. The biggest problem were to give the objects some actual color, as the original material files that was created with these models gave us a dark, grey world. This was only a export issue from Maya.
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Monday September 5. 2005

Back from London

I came back from london late this evening. The job interview went very well, and I am quite confident that I will get this job. Hopefully I will get a positive response sometime the next week.

London is a horrible place to find your way. I am sure that I got lost at least 10.000 times during my stay there. A friend of mine told me that he saw a documentary on Discovery on how London is the worst place to find your way. I can confirm this belief.

One thing that irritated me, was the name of the hotel I stayed at. The name of the hotel was the Westminister Hotel. I thought that the name of the hotel said where the hotel was placed, but no.. In Westminister, which were filled with tourists, noone knew where it was. I finally found out where it was - in the opposite side of the city. After my job interview I went 10 stops on the subway to get to Westminister, then 12 stops back the same way to find my hotel. Quite irritating.
Saturday September 3. 2005

Trip to London / Human Factor

Tomorrow morning I am leaving to London where I am having a job interview with Glu. Cross your fingers and praire for me to get the job.

Today has been the start of yet another project - Human Factor. In this project we will try to simulate scenarios where we will test how well people tolerate stressfull situations. The scenarios should be presented in glorious 3D. Each participant should connect to the server running the simulation using a simple client showing only the controller this person is using. One person could for example control only the X axis of a crane. As the situation comes out of control as some of the controllers gets screwed up, persons will start to stress.

We decided that we will implement the simulation visuals with the help of Java. This because I currently knows Java better than C++, and that I have used Java for networked applications earlier.

My first attempt at using Java3D i presented below. Not really impressive yet, but I am starting to get the feeling on how to use the library for implementing a virtual world.
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Thursday September 1. 2005

Master's Thesis finally handed in

I've finally handed in my Master's Thesis. Six hard months of work has been put into this thesis, and it was well worth it. The amount of gained knowledge over the last few months are in a class of its own. All the way from completely scratch to a complete library for developing mobile phone games is an incredible feat in its own.
Wednesday August 31. 2005

More information on external projects

I have added more information on external projects I have worked on, and a new project has been added to this page, Steinkjer municipal information client. This is a long lost application that was never available to the public. As the place that I worked at was closed, it was never finished.
Tuesday August 16. 2005

Page update

I have updated these pages with more English information. Some of the project pages that were presented in Norwegian only is now also available in English. Hope some of these pages fall in interest.
Sunday August 7. 2005

Not really Gauntlet

In collaboration with my thesis buddy, we have created a game in the overhead genre, Gauntlet. This is just a working title, and the game isn't really similar to the Gauntlet arcade game made by Atari in 1985.
Monday July 25. 2005

GameLib templates

In order for the users to easily get a grip on how to use GameLib, I have added five templates, one for each of the genres the library currently supports. These genres are (from left to right): platform, shoot'em'up, racer, overhead and strategy.
Sunday July 24. 2005