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New cars for Slickers

I have finally taken the time to add new cars to the Slickers game. This game did earlier have one ugly car for all drivers. There is now four different cars, so that it is easier to see which one your are currently driving. They do also look slightly better than the original model.
Sunday July 17. 2005


What are games without highscores? Games featuring highscores promotes competetive gaming. Our library does now contain functionality needed for easily implementing highscores into a game. The left screenshot has a decrementive list, where the highest score is the best result. In the screenshot to the right, the ordering are incremental, so that a low score is the best result.
Sunday July 10. 2005

Fire! bossfights

A boss has now been added to the end of the first level of Fire!. Just as in the Flash version, this larger plane contains several detachable parts. By shooting at the wing, the wing falls off, and the cannon on that wing does also disappear.
Friday July 1. 2005

AntTics updated

More features has been added to AntTics. These features include team information, ability to buy new units and fights. There has also been added some new levels.
Monday June 27. 2005

AntTics revisited

What would our pathfinder be without an accompanying game? I have decided to finish a game I started a few years earlier, namely AntTics. This is a simple strategy game where you command a troop of ant soldiers against eachother. The white area shown in this screenshot is the coverage area for the selected winged ant at the top.
Tuesday June 21. 2005

Find the way

To further improve our library, we have created a path finder algorithm. We are currently using the well-known A*Star algorithm for finding the shortest path, and a modified Djikstra algorithm for finding the coverage area.
Friday June 17. 2005

Mario ultimate version

We have added a custom version of the Mario game. This version contains a scrolling background and moving platforms. At the end of the level the user will now be presented with an end-level information screen.
Tuesday June 14. 2005

Slickers earns money, Fire! gets an overhaul

We have added race statistics and a shopping interface to the Slickers game. It is now possible to use the collected money for upgrading your car. Dependent on your race position, you will also earn some money.

Fire! has also been updated. This game has now gotten a menu at startup and a shopping interface. Most of the first level is also complete, and end-level bosses will be added soon. Note the background behind the menu and the shop. The background on these screens are a scrolling preview of one of the later levels.
Monday June 13. 2005

Multiplayer games on the go

We have successfully implemented a generic multiplayer interface for our library. The screenshot shows Slickers in two emulators running separate games perfectly synchronized to eachother.
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Monday June 6. 2005

Excessive bandwith usage

Before I left to Norway I allowed to link to some of my games. This resulted in an excessive use of bandwith for one of my games, Fire! I have now removed this game from the server, as I have no way of paying for the extra bandwidth usage this game will need.
Monday May 16. 2005