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Project categories

Project categories

Applications for desktop

This page lists some of the applications I've made throughout the years. This list is in no way complete, as I could fill in more and more here, as the library of applications I've made since I started programming is almost limitless. In my earliest years I made only games, but as I got a PC I needed more and more tools to make games, organize stuff and generally be productive. And of course some silly experiments as well.

Games for desktop

During the years I've made a lot of games in my spare time. As I've learned new programming languages, making games have always been a motivating factor, and has always helped me learn languages faster. This list does not include my earliest work on the Enterprise 64 and Commodore 64, but it still show a wide selection of the games that I've made through the years.

Games for browsers

When I first got access to internet and its wonders I always wondered how they were able to make games that run inside of webbrowsers. After reading some articles and some books on the subject I were able to understand these concepts and started making some myself. This page lists a few of these games.

Software for mobile devices

Software for mobile devices are becoming more and more advanced. I think this is an interesting topic, and have began to set myself into how to best create applications for mobile devices. I will mostly concentrate on applications written in Java. There are several platforms to consider when creating software for mobile devices, but I think that Java has the best potential of these available today, and will most probably survive changes in the market in the times ahead.

Projects done for external employers

In addition I've done many external projects. With external projects I
think about work projects or requests from others. The most interesting projects
are gathered on this page.

Other uncategorized projects

This page lists all projects that does not fit into any of the other categories. Most of these are silly experiments that I've made just for the fun of it.